Hi All,

I feel as if I have been ignoring you and it has not been intentional I assure you. This has been a highly anticipated and very busy week for me and I did not want to write until I had something to say, some time to say it and, even though I am a Realtor, it can’t always be about real estate :-)

Yesterday was the official release day for the seventh and final Harry Potter book Deathly Hallows and I, like most of the reading world was at my local book store on Friday night waiting for the clock to strike 12:01 and for the bedlam to begin.

I was number 233 in line at my local Border’s in Montclair and I had my hands on my very own copy of the book at sometime around 1 AM. I hurried to my car, rushed home and, like everyone else that I know, dove headlong into the story.

Yesterday was also a day when I was to do an open house for a beautiful home in Rancho Cucamonga and I, of course brought the book. As I drove to the open house I noticed that the streets seemed a bit quieter than usual but I didn’t really connect the dots until I finished the Open House, headed for home and noticed that things had not seemed to pick up any. I can only attribute this to the continued aftermath of the book release.

Even in my neighborhood which is usually littered with children in the midst of an on-going game of war, the streets were oddly devoid of kids. The Claremont Front was quiet. And, today, barely one day after the official release, the odd calm continues still. I can only assume that Harry is the reason.

It will be interesting in the days and weeks to come, to see how often Spiderman does battle with Voldemort on Villanova. And it will also be interesting to see and hear the streets come alive once again as more and more people finish the story and, as I have, close the book and resume their lives.

Take care all, help lots of people, enjoy reading and have a wonderful day!

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One Response to All’s Quiet On The Claremont Front… And Harry Potter’s The Reason

  1. I see you mentioned the term “Rancho Cucamonga”. Rancho Cucamonga is the home of the Quakes. I know the General Manager of the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes; North Johnson. He used to be the General Manager of the Kinston Indians while I was playing.

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